Travel Theme: Shadows

Ailsa’s travel theme for this week is “shadows” in honor of Ground Hog Day. I remember even as a young adult getting all excited because I thought that the ground hog could make winter a little shorter by either seeing his shadow or not (can’t remember which). It never seemed to make much difference so I decided to cut that scene and spend the winter in the south. Now it doesn’t matter – in fact I don’t think there are ground hogs in Florida.

But I still travel and this week-end we traveled to Texas to see our daughter. We traveled a little bit more to San Antonio to walk the River Walk and visit the Alamo. Luckily the sun was shining so we saw some shadows and hope this makes winter a little shorter for our friends up north. I took these photos in a small stream at the Alamo and liked how the clouds reflected on the surface of the water and trees created subtle shadows.

San Antonio 069

San Antonio 075  To see more images of shadows, go to Where’s My Backpack by clicking here.


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