Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Wood

I have taken a while for this post because I was hoping for a bolt of creative, amazing, inspiration. I went through some of my files and found lots of wood but none of these photos seemed to be interesting on their own – well there were a couple but I’ve already used those in other posts. Awesome inspiration just didn’t happened.

I love the Norfolk Island Pine but so far the pictures I have taken haven’t created images that capture what I love about it. They have been really disappointing. So this morning I decided to accept Cee’s challenge of capturing and sharing the true character of this piece of wood. And I think I have done it – at least I’m happy with my images.

folige for wood 013

One of the things I love about it is how it towers up above the other trees and is so dark against the deep blue sky. They stand out in the skyline around our condo. Every time I go to the pool or step out of my car I see them towering up in the sky. It is quite slender and can grow up to 200 feet which in quite impressive.

folige for wood 022

The trees are elegant because of the up-sweeping branches that grow out from the trunk in a circular pattern with space between the circles of branches. The Norfolk Pine doesn’t actually have needs so isn’t really a pine. What make up the long “needle-like” foliage are tiny, densely overlapping, scale-like leaves.

pine 008 The Norfolk Island Pine is native to Norfolk Island, Australia. But the tree outside my door is also home to several other plants. This is an air plant (Tillandsia species) called an epiphytes, a plant that grows on trees but isn’t a parasite. You will see a lot of these epiphytes growing in the Live Oak featured in this post.

pine 014

To see more posts on the theme of wood or to join in the fun, you can click on this link.



  1. G’day Pat really nice to get to know you through your posts. I love the stately Norfolk Pine, it is the feature tree all along the beach front at my home town. They were planted after WW2 to commemorate the soldiers that didn’t return. I appreciate that you have joined my community to follow my world. This has led to me checking in with your blog. I see we have quite a number of things in common. I love photography and trees and flowers and travel etc.so I look forward to putting you in my “feeds” and catching up on a regular basis. I see we are also “buddies” on flickr….


  2. The needle like foliage reminds me of the ‘knitting nancy toys’ which made a long loop or string of kntting … fancy having a an epiphyte outside your door 😉


    • Yes! you are so right about the foliage looking like hollow strings of knitting. They have a soft look and this is why. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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