Beauty Through my Lens – Water Lilies

I spent about 3 hours at the Naples Botanical Garden and had lots of fun snapping pics of the water lilies – and the sculptures – and the orchids – and the water fall – and the butterflies… you get the picture. Here are some of my favorite water lilies with more coming in another post. You can click on any photo for a slide show.

17 thoughts on “Beauty Through my Lens – Water Lilies

  1. These are beautiful. I lugged several lenses and a tripod out to the Naples botanical gardens (> an hour drive for us) only to find that I had left my SD card in my laptop. Still, had a wonderful walk through the garden, even though I couldn’t make any photographs. I don’t think that I saw this many water lilies blooming though. Must have been the time of day that we were there.


    • Thanks for your nice words – they are nice to hear because they came from you. Last year I had a mockingbird sing to us outside our bedroom window for an hour. The first 10 minutes were beautiful – then it was frustrating. Even more frustrating on the second night. Thank you for not standing outside my bedroom window in the middle of the night to tell me they are beautiful. 😀


      • ha! that’s funny! yes, here on the river, there are several kingfishers – a large species and a small one. at daylight one lands on the balcony and start rat-tat-tattling, and the chatter goes on for half an hour at least! i’m glad you have mockingbirds – we have long-tailed ones here, so nice to hear the same song as back in the states.


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