Sunday Post – Simple

Eunice posted on her trip to Churchill’s about a free talk on growing orchids. I have never tried to grow orchids because it seems like they take a lot of care – at least where I have always lived in the northern US where the winters are cold and the inside air is dry.

I have been walking around our neighborhood here in southern Florida, where it is semi-tropical, and one of the simple pleasures are orchids growing wild. Maybe wild isn’t the right word because my neighborhood isn’t wild – by any stretch of the imagination. Better wording would be growing naturally.

I had stopped to take a photo of what I think are ferns that were growing on the side of a tree in a front yard.

morning walk roofs 016

I happened to look up and saw this simple, little orchid – growing out of the crotch of the tree.

morning walk roofs 022

morning walk roofs 019

It amazes me how I have worked so hard to make things grow, to make things pretty, when I took them out of their natural environment. My daughter would argue that I failed miserably at the pretty part as she rescued my plants from my care. Scientists have worked hard to learn what makes thing grow so we can replicate the natural in the unnatural environment. Sometimes the result is more pure and beautiful, we have protected against blemish.

morning walk roofs 020

Nature doesn’t grow perfect. Instead bugs eat holes and weather can batter. But when I see them in their natural environment, they seem to grow effortlessly. How simple is that!

This post was inspired by Jake at Jakesprinter. It is part of Sunday Post – Simplicity that you can learn more about here.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Simple

    • I sure am. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to spend the winters in a place that is so beautiful and good for my body. I sure don’t take it for granted.


  1. I am glad you got to check out my post yes it is cold outside and dry but with enough moisture added into the air I hope to keep my new beauty beautiful for years I heard it could have KIKI’s (sp) new baby Orchid plants sprout from stems I will keep my eyes open I LOVE FREE THINGS

    Enjoy FL and all the tropical s we were talking about live Oaks 😦 miss FL but then the birds would miss ME 🙂


    • I wish you well with your orchid – keep us posted. I am going to buy one here, but I have had to start treating most potted plants as fresh flowers. Although I think I would take the Orchid home as we will be driving in the spring.


      • When you get one picked out let me know the kind you chose and I will ive you some hints I am the secretary of our towns Garden Club 🙂 Big Orchard show 1st week of Febuary in Nashua but Spring is what March or April? I will be going away for 10 days to a silent retreat in western MA but I can answer questions I learned so much now to practice what I was taught 🙂


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