Thursday Lingering Look at Windows – Week 1

I am excited to have found Dawn’s challenge at her blog The Day After. I love windows and did a post a while back on the subject that you can view here.

Now I am in a Southern Florida sort of mood – especially Old Naples. I am intrigued by these windows that seem to be in an attic or loft. They are open to catch the gulf breeze but a little secluded behind the palms. A perfect place to dream some time away.

Old Naples 022

Most of my life I have lived in one-story houses. There were a couple of years when we were first married that we lived in a two-story. I also have memories of sleeping over in upstairs bedrooms. They were restful. I felt like I was away from, above the activity of the street, even though I could still listen to it. Climbing the stairs was even an act of climbing up from whatever was going on below.

The act of “mental visualization” for stress reduction and relaxation uses this method. One of my favorite places of mind retreat is up some stairs. It is my own room that has windows very similar to these. And it is decorated the way I need it to be decorated whenever I visit it – sometimes warm and cozy, sometimes cool and airy. It is where I go when my world gets too busy or too mean or however overwhelming. It is peace.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows – Week 1

    • Our anxiety is usually the result of how our mind distorts reality so it makes sense to use our mind to create a new reality. I like reality as I make it! 😀
      Thanks for your comment.


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