tagged B – is for…

Well, B is for ball. Not very creative but that is what I was taught in kindergarten and  everything we need to know we learned there. Like hold hands when you cross the street and play nice. My creativity comes to ‘light’ because the balls I have chosen are balls of lights.

5th lights 026-2

This is 5th Avenue – a hopping place in the evening in Naples, Florida. Lots of people walking around, eating supper, shopping, and eating ice cream. This is where the Art Fair was. I have wanted to take my tripod down so I could capture the globes of light hanging in the trees, but I also knew I would get lots of nasty looks by blocking the sidewalk. Even worse would be blocking the two lanes of traffic that is always congested as people look for a place to park in front of their favorite restaurant or boutique.

One night last week, we had been to the beach and drove up 5th on our way home just after sunset. It was a balmy night and we had the windows and sunroof open – and my camera was on my lap.

5th lights 028

The lights in the trees, the music from McCabe’s Irish Pub, people sipping wine at sidewalk cafes, all make for a festive experience that brings a smile to my face. I think tonight may be right for some frozen custard from the shop on the corner of 5th and 5th. Maybe I’ll take my camera to capture a little more of the personality of Naples – for another post.

5th lights 029-2


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