Tagged A – is for….

A is for Apples & of course Apple Pie. Frizz at Flickr Comments is starting the alphabet challenge anew and this week is “Tagged A”. I thought about pulling up some of my favorite photos of arches but couldn’t get apple pie out of my mind. Now I have a pretty good reputation as an apple pie maker and I had posted a story last Fall on making apple pies. I decided to do a rerun because that was early in the life of my blog – and I like the post. Here are my thoughts on apple pie with some modifications.

We had company coming for supper and I decided to make a pie. Northern Spys make the best apple pies but they weren’t in season yet so I used some fresh-picked Jonathans that I had purchased at the farmers’ market. That is my grandma’s bowl, just the perfect shape for cutting the shortening into the flour. It is probably 75 years old or more. So many pie crusts made in it.

Ready for the Oven

apple pie 010 - Copy-2

Dinner is in the oven, ice cream in the freezer, wine uncorked, table set, and guests will be here soon. Anticipating an evening full of laughter and love – and of course coffee and apple pie.

And some left over for the next day. Yummy.

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