Beauty Through My Lens – Sunset at Naples Pier

The end of another day. Was it a day well lived – in work and relationships and leisure? Did I learn something that will help me live my tomorrow? Did I give something to others to help them live their day?

Sunset at Naples Pier

Sunset at Naples Pier

This is an images where I am attempting to capture beauty with my lens.These things may be unique or mundane but all were perceived as beautiful and my goal was to capture the beauty as my soul saw it.

Categories: Beauty thru my Lens


  1. This photo is really nicely composed & processed. I generally avoid even looking at sunset shot because the horizon is not level, there’s no interesting foreground or there is no detail in the foreground. You’ve dodged all these traps and produced an appealing image. 🙂 – Bob


  2. Thanks, Bob. Nice feedback and I agree that a horizon that isn’t level is very distracting – and I tend not to hold my camera level. 🙂 I almost always need to do some post leveling.


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