Travel Theme: Multiples at the Art Fair

Pairs or Multiples? Message clear- street closed!

Pairs or Multiples? Message clear- street closed!

Today is the Naple’s New Year”s Art Fair downtown on 5th Avenue so hubby and I went down to have a walk around. I took my camera so I could be ready for multiples.

This street art is a permanent feature and involves multiple panes of glass that catch light to provide color in very intriguing ways.

art fair 005

Here are some interpretations of multiples from different artists.

art fair 006 art fair 017 art fair 021 art fair 026

Maybe I need a lesson on the difference between pairs and multiples. Or maybe Ailsa need to do a Travel Challenge on “Pairs”. Anyway to see Ailsa’s beautiful photos of multiples, to join the fun or to view other interpretations of multiples, click here.


    • Thanks, Suzan. The glass ornaments were really beautiful and I think there was one I should have bought. 🙂 There are many art shows during the winter months so I’ll go to a couple more and see if the artist is there.


  1. The street art is beautiful. It reminds me of a 3D animation that a friend of mine made at college. He modelled everything out of tiny pieces of glass and then shone lights through it to get the frames he wanted.


    • Light is so wonderful – and I really appreciate that frequently I can get Lightroom to do what I didn’t know how to do with the camera settings or nature didn’t provide. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my post and for you comment.


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