Blackeyed Susan Kind of Mood

I’m sitting here snuffing and not feeling so good – my sweet granddaughters shared their cold with me last week. I thought I had resisted the bugs but today I woke up with the sniffles.

I need some Blackeyed Susans to brighten my day. I need yellow. These are from last year’s garden and although I’m enjoying the peace of my winter garden, I’m also looking forward to next summer’s explosion of color.

I just realized how much I enjoy having my photos of my flowers to play around with. It is almost like gardening but not nearly as much work. Unfortunately I can’t have the photos of my flowers if I don’t do some work upfront. It did sound too good to be true. Anyway welcome to my photo garden. I would be happy to pick you a bouquet to take back with you.

Sunny Side of Life

Sunny Side of Life

Garden Runneth Over with Cheer

Garden Runneth Over with Cheer


14 thoughts on “Blackeyed Susan Kind of Mood

    • Thanks, Ad. I am feeling all better – and we are now in our own paradise which helps a lot. My husband is taking a nap on the lanai. I’d be there but he beat me too it. 🙂


  1. Such cheerful photos. I adore the first one! Glad you are feeling better and hope your hubby is back in good sorts soon. Enjoy your winter gardening. 😉


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