Travel Theme: New

Ailsa is challenging us to post photos that speak to us about new. Working on this post brought a sense of excitement as I thought about why these images reflect “new”.

This first photo was taken on Newfoundland in Gros Morn National park. These new growth pine trees are so fresh and the bigger one is still perfectly shaped. The wind and weather are so harsh that in a few years this tree will be misshapen. The wind forces trees to grow at grotesque angles and kills the needles on the side facing the wind.

Gros Morne 022

The next image is the lovely bud of a new Hibiscus blossom.

morning walk Wed 2 031

The most beautiful “new” for me is the sight of the sun coming up outside my favorite window signifying a new day.

morning color 002

To see more images that reflect an understanding of new, or to share your own, visit here.


6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: New

  1. The 1st one looks like a Christmas tree in the making. The 2nd – oh – gotta’ love flower. The sun & the skies – beautiful imagery all the way around.


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