Port a Day – Port au Chroix Newfoundland

It snowed in Michigan a couple of days ago. I have been hoping snow since we returned in November but this isn’t what I was hoping for. For one thing it has turned cold – and I know it has to be cold for it to snow but still I guess I was expecting a beautiful snow fall and the temperature to be in the 50’s so I could get out to take lots of pictures. The wind was blowing so hard that it was snowing horizontally all day. When I did go out I had a hard time keeping my eyes open in the wind. Not good photography weather. The snow has melted where the sun hits it.

Sooooo – I guess I need another wanderlust photo. This is at Port au Chroix Newfoundland – above the Gros Morn National Park on the western side of the island. There is a lot of shrimp fishing from this port and a shrimp processing plant next to the docks. It doesn’t feel like a tourist destination.

Gros Morne 101

8 thoughts on “Port a Day – Port au Chroix Newfoundland

    • Thanks, Naomi. I have really appreciated having you visit my blog and your warm, confirming comments. You are a wonderful joy in my life and I wish that joy back to you during the coming year.


      • I am so happy to have met you too. That is the one greatest thing about blogging–it brings the world to your doorstep, and along the way you get to meet the most interesting people. What a joy to discover that they have become my friends. All the best to you and your family for the coming year. Thank you for bringing more color and another interesting and intelligent perspective into my life.


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