Christmas Ornaments: Memories

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What a joy! What a joy to decorate the Christmas tree this year. The past eight years have been difficult and there was one year when we didn’t put a tree up because I’m the one who decorates them and I didn’t have the energy. Another year I got the artificial tree up and the light on and I couldn’t go any further. The past two years I was healing from knee replacement. Both years I remember feeling sadness because I wasn’t enjoying decorating the house. In fact last year I only put about half the ornaments on the tree.

Not this year. This year I was excited as the day of getting out the ornaments drew near. Ohhh, the anticipation of opening the storage box and finding my treasures. I gently unwrap each from its blanket of tissue paper, not knowing what I will find. The paradox of knowing what is there, but not knowing. Being surprised when finding an almost forgotten ornament and feeling the warmth when seeing a well-remembered one. They have been out of sight and out of mind for eleven months.

When did I get this old, when did it happen? My ornaments chronicle so many years and so many experiences. I don’t remember our first Christmas trees – except that the very first one was really big. We cut it ourselves at a tree farm and they always look smaller under the endless sky. We had 10-foot ceilings and it went all the way up – and it had a huge trunk. As I was decorating it, it fell over towards me and I had fears of having to hold it for 6 hours until my new husband would rescue me. But I was able to lean it back in the corner. We bought a bigger stand that night.

I couldn’t remember how we decorated those first few trees so I got out my box of old pictures – the kind you hold in your hand. The first thing that struck me was that I didn’t recognize that young woman holding the baby in front of the tree. In my mind I still feel like her – it feels like just yesterday but my body has aged – so much. I can’t figure out when or how it happened. What stands out about the tree is that it was covered in foil icicles – the kind that hang down and shimmer when someone walks by. Our tree of a few years later also had strung popcorn. I liked popcorn garlands and after Christmas we put the tree outdoors for the birds to eat the popcorn. I miss not having a live tree but Jim doesn’t like the work of putting them up and taking them down – his body must have aged too but I don’t seem to notice it.

Crystal Ornament from my son.

Crystal Ornament from my son.

The ornaments we have now were collected over the next 48 years. I still have ornaments made by my itty-bitty ones in Sunday School and preschool, but I don’t use them because they are getting fragile. I did hang ornaments made by my three granddaughters – in a place where they will be sure to see them. I also have several ornaments that I made – back when I was a stay-at-home mom. Every year I smile as I think about splurging on a magazine about decorating for Christmas and then buying the supplies to make some of them. I still see the magazines at the checkout, and I desire the excitement but it isn’t where I’m at now. Maybe it is better to remember fondly than to long for what is past. Different things excite me now. (Click on any image for slide show.)

I also have many ornaments that were made for me by relatives and friends. Unwrapping them and finding special places on the tree brings me special joy. Every year the love that went into making them just for me is renewed in my heart. I also have two ornaments that could be well over 70 years old because they belonged to each of my grandmothers. Now I can’t be sure which belonged to whom but accuracy of memory isn’t important. What is important is that every year I unwrap them from their protective tissue and smile because I believe – I believe they hung on their trees and I know my grandmas’ love sustained me and filled my heart with enough love to give to others for my whole life.

Whenever possible I have purchased ornaments when I have traveled. As I unwrap these, I am able to remember the joy of these trips and many times remember the special people I visited or met. I am reminded that I have lived a very full life and am truly blessed.

I now feel confident that I’m glad to have lived all those years because they sure were full ones.

22 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments: Memories

  1. What a delightful post, I to collect tree ornaments whilst on holiday and my husband and I have to rake our brains at to where and when we purchased them. Lovely memories come flooding back of holidays long past. Thank you for this post it brought a huge smile to my face.


    • You are very welcome. Yes, it is Christmas already which means that another year has past. Sometimes days seem long but the years go by so quickly. It makes me happy that you enjoyed.


  2. I sure can relate to your thoughts about “how did I get this old?” I’m questioning that every day. It happened so fast!! My tree is full of memories of my children’s lives. I started each one, each year, an ornament representing something important that happened in their lives that year. So, “off to pre-school” hangs next to “earned PhD”. I’m still doing it …. and they are both in their 30’s.


    • How wonderful for you and also for them. I wonder if you need to write a little (or long) story for each, telling them why each ornament was an important milestone for you. Thanks for sharing this with me (us). 🙂


  3. I love trees that tell a story or share history. The “theme” trees are often gorgeous, but like your tree, our tree tells our family history and I think means so much more. Ornaments from our travels and the kids’ handmade ornaments give us conversation pieces and vast amounts of smiles every year. So glad you are enjoying your memories on your tree this year. Merry Christmas! Robyn


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