Sunday Post: Architecture in England, Scotland & Republic of Ireland

I have done a couple of posts on church architecture from the Maritime Provinces of Canada.  You can see them here and here. Now I seem to be thinking a lot about my trips to England, Scotland and Republic of Ireland. Some of these images I had from a more recent trip and others I had to scan because they were pre-digital trips. I normally prefer color but the architecture and spirit of these seemed to come through best with B & W.

You can click on any image to see as a slide show. Enjoy!

You can see more posts on architecture by visiting:


19 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Architecture in England, Scotland & Republic of Ireland

    • Naomi, that has always been my fantasy – to find a little home and build a little nest – make it inviting and warm and loving. My fantasy was usually on the prairie – before I realized there are no trees and lots of wind.


    • Very easy – WordPress did a post on it a while back. After you load pictures into your gallery, click on save all at the bottom. Then scroll down and there are some simple choices and then you choose gallery. This is all from memory (not to be trusted 🙂 ) and I can’t find the link to the instructions from WP. Let me know if it doesn’t work and I’ll search further. In the mean time I’ll continue to look for their post as there are other options that I don’t remember how to get to. I’ll know you figured it out when I see your next post. 🙂


  1. Great entry for this week theme Pat stunning photography ,
    I love your version of black and white thanks for sharing my friend 🙂


    • You are very welcome, Jake. I really appreciate that you come up with these themes and I like this one a whole lot. Sometimes I think of one but it is always when I am in the car and by the time I get to my computer I have forgotten it. 😦


  2. Hello!!
    Very a nice architecture, thank you for sharing with us in public.I traveled many countries before in Europe.I like it Ottawa Canada has a nice architecture.also San Francisco,Ca I lived about 7 years in San Francisco,Ca


    • Thanks for your nice comment – and for checking out my post. I have been to Ottawa and San Francisco and agree that they have very nice architecture. I enjoy photographing buildings and am planning a post on windows.


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