Photo Challenge: Green – Hostas

Hosta! What a joy in the northern garden because they give a boost of texture and light and color (as long as you want green) in the shaded part of the garden. Here are some of my hosta that I took late summer. This was a good year because the dryness meant I didn’t have much slug damage and for whatever reason the deer left them alone.

The foliage of hosta plants overshadow the flowers that stand on tall stems. When isolated, however, they are very elegant.

33 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Green – Hostas

  1. i mentioned to a friend that hostas are one plant species that i miss.. a lot! in a dozen years, i have seen hostas in a garden only once. i wish i had asked for a division, as later i noted they were all gone, and concrete replaced that garden spot. 😦


  2. all the thanks to you for sharing such lovely shots,well I believe those disappointing shots for you might look great in someone else’s eyes you should start sharing them trust me πŸ™‚ your shots do make me smile too


    • Thank you so much for the nice feedback. There are so many beautiful things that I want to capture but so often my photos are a disappointment. I use the photos that give me a warm feeling and bring a smile to my face – and then it makes me doubly happy when others say they enjoy them too.


    • As I told Sharechair, I didn’t take pictures of the damaged parts. πŸ™‚ I think slugs like the bi- and tri- colored varieties, probably because they are more tender. My very large varieties (like the Blue Angle) have tougher leaves and don’t get as much damage.


    • Yup – and the wonderful, creative composition was to avoid the parts that had been hit by the weed wacker, etc. Yes, slugs are active at night but you can also see them during the day. They are rather small and slimy. You can by snail bait that you sprinkle around them – but I usually think about it after I see the damage. I get a lot of slug damage in Florida.


  3. I love hostas! yours are beautiful. Unfortunately mine have already started turning as it has begun getting cold. Nice shots too


    • I am on my way north right now and they will have turned yellow and we will have cleanup. Maybe the deer will have gotten them and helped us out. πŸ™‚ These were taken last August.


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