Walking Delights: Frangipani Tree

Last year we wondered about the very strange, very bare tree that was growing by the pool. It had a strange branch structure and very few plants shed all their foliage in the winter. This tree was stark naked and our pool doesn’t allow nude sunbathing (although I doubt anyone has tried). I learned it was a Frangipani tree and before we left last spring I noticed this one cluster of blossoms and some new leaves. This year, on my walks, I have seen others including a pink one down the street.

The tree branches, even the new ones, are thick and sausage shaped at the ends and leaves seem to grow only at the ends.

Different trees have different colored blossoms, I have seen yellow and pink, and they are used in Hawaii to make leis.

We haven’t been here in summer when they are in full bloom and foliage, but I have been told it very pretty. If anyone has photographs of this in summer, I would love to see it. Please leave a link in a comment.

8 thoughts on “Walking Delights: Frangipani Tree

  1. Frangi’s are beautiful subtropical plants. In full bloom the tree is covered with delicious smelling flowers. The scent is heavenly. My wedding bouquet many years ago was of frangipanis :). They are easy enough to grow by breaking off a branch and literally sticking it in the ground. They are slow growing tho. Will see if I have pics with them in full bloom 🙂


    • Thanks for filling in my story, Jenn. I wish I could see them in full bloom but it is too hot here for me to be doable for me. If you find your pics, be sure to put a link in this post or let me know and I’ll do it.


  2. Frangipani blossoms are gorgeous. I put a photo of one on my post
    Bright but I don’t have a photo of a full tree in bloom. Hope you get to see one this summer.


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