Walking Delights: Evening on the Beach

This year we are going for evening walks on the beach more often because I don’t have the pain of bad knees and post-surgical pain after knee replacement. I don’t take my camera if it is windy because I don’t want my lens sandblasted. Last night was calm, with a promise of a nice sun set so I took it and we had one of the most beautiful shows we have ever seen.

I find the beach very calming. The evening light is soft and the water touches me deep within my soul. The sand is cool in the evening and the gulf water is warm on my feet. And I am in love when I’m on the beach. I want to hug and kiss my honey, although he isn’t big into PDA’s. I have never heard anyone fight on the beach but I do see a lot of hand holding. There was a small group huddled together last night for a couple of minutes, I assumed in prayer. A couple was laying on a blanket talking and laughing.

And oh did I have fun – taking over 100 photos. I still haven’t learned the right settings to use to capture the accurate light and colors so I also had lots of fun restoring my images to what I remembered. I ran them by my husband, and after making adjustments to one, he agrees that they are as he remembers.

I invite you to slow down and let yourself be carried away to a place of calm and peace. I hope that some of these images remind you of being on a beach at sunset so you can smell the air and hear the gentle sounds. Click on any image to see a slide show of the changing colors and light of the setting sun on the beach.

19 thoughts on “Walking Delights: Evening on the Beach

    • I do enjoy looking at it. We will be headed north in a week and will be there 6 weeks. Maybe I’ll be able to post some snow photos myself. But after the first of the year I will rely on you to fix my need to see snow. šŸ™‚


  1. Great photos Pat. I have promised myself this winter while in San Diego that I am going to walk barefoot on the beach more. It is very cathartic, isn’t it?


    • It is – so we have a plan! I also want to do some morning walks because the beach has a much different atmosphere. Taking photos is a good motivator but how many beach photos can our hard drive hold? šŸ™‚


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