Walking Delights: Banana Tree

I don’t like exercise – I think I have written that somewhere else. I’ve never liked exercise, maybe because my body doesn’t exercise with grace or comfort. Exercise is work, it makes me sweat, it hurts, and it isn’t much fun. I’m changing, however, and have found that I feel a lot better if I exercise a little every day. It doesn’t have to be much – just 10 minutes of walking results in less pain and fatigue during the day plus I sleep better which also decreases pain and fatigue. Here is my commitment. I will walk or ride my bike 5 days a week – allowing two days for my muscles to heal if they need it.

Walking has become much more fun now that I have a purpose. I love trying to capture, with my camera,  the beauty that I’m seeing and then sharing with readers of my blog. I also find that I walk a lot further when I have my camera because there is always something interesting up ahead. This is especially true now that I have the unfamiliar of being in a sub-tropical region of the US.

I didn’t have to walk far for this first photo. It is a banana tree that my neighbor is growing – I have one growing outside my kitchen window but it is very small and doesn’t have any green bananas. Last year Marianna gave us a bunch and they were sooooooo good.

Those are brand new bananas starting to grow at the top of the purple blossom – a purple pedal had just fallen off and this is the fruit that is ripening. A process that is so familiar but also a wonder when we see it happening with a fruit that we see most every day but haven’t watched it grow.

Sorry this is posted a day late. We stayed up to watch the Detroit Tigers get beat last night and I got distracted and tired. Congratulation fellow bloggers on the west coast. Your team played excellent ball.

10 thoughts on “Walking Delights: Banana Tree

  1. Would bob love his own banana tree!!! Fun to see how the yellow fruit that is always on our counter grows. Thanks


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