Story Challenge – Letter Q: Queen Anne’s Lace

There is a long history of lace making and lace has been used to decorate both men’s and woman’s clothing although in more recent history, women have been more able to enjoy the pleasure of wearing lace. Lace has also been used to decorate homes – remember the lace doilies on tables and chair backs.

But nature is beautifully decorated with Queen Anne’s Lace. In late summer and early fall, these lovely wild flowers decorate the roadsides with their floating flower heads.


Queen Anne’s Lace Bud

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  1. So pretty. I remember this wild plant decorating the countryside when I was a child in England. I once took a bunch of these home to my mom, but they dropped all over the tabletop. 🙂


  2. I always loved to gather Queen Anne’s lace from the fields near our house when the kids were little. I always had several vases full of them in the house when they were blooming. Although they don’t smell the greatest, I love their delicate look. Thanks for the post and the trip down memory lane!


    • I am so glad that my photo’s brightened your day and that you have the wonderful memory to trigger. 🙂 I never thought about picking them – but I sure enjoy them along the roads. Thanks for checking out my post.


      • Always enjoy popping over here to visit. Just not able to as often as I’d like. I even pressed and framed some of the lacy flowers some years back. I couldn’t afford artwork for the walls, so the boys and I splattered a piece of cloth and then added the pressed flowers. It was a fun project and was the only framed artwork in my dining room. Sounds like I have a future blog about Queen Anne’s lace in my future. 😉 I so enjoy your writings and photos Pat! Keep up the great work!!


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