Toys – of Christmas Past

Jakesprinters Sunday Theme this week is toys and the first thing I thought about was the excitement of Christmas past when our kids would get us up well before dawn to see what Santa had brought. Santa started coming Christmas Eve after I complained to him that I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Of course they didn’t have digital anything back then, so I had to go through my old snapshots. These pictures were taken in the early 70’s.

I also thought of this picture that was taken with one of those way-back picture taking machines. This is a Christmas picture of me playing with my toys taken in 1946.

As I was looking through my box of old pictures, the ones I enjoyed the most involved the kids finding their own “toys”. We provided toys for our kids, but because we didn’t have a lot of extra money they didn’t have an overabundance. They had a lot of fun, however, with Daddy’s clip-on tie and baseball cap, water, kitchen objects that were safe and in the bottom drawers, and of course all the big-people tools of everyday life. Take a peak.

11 thoughts on “Toys – of Christmas Past

  1. Neat post. Even with all their fancy gizmos, my grandchildren seem more fascinated by ‘all the big-people tools of everyday life’ as you put it šŸ™‚


  2. Reminds me of when my kids were little, playing with the boxes the toys came in. šŸ™‚ And when I was little, not having many store-bought toys and not even realizing I was deprived. Our imaginations provided us with great play inspiration!! šŸ™‚


    • Thanks, LubbyGirl. This is exactly what I was trying to convey. We didn’t take any bikes or toys when we went camping and within a few minutes they were throwing stones at trees and dragging sticks in the dirt, bouncing on fallen trees.


  3. Always nice to go back in time with our pictures. I’m sorting my mom’s loose pictures for her. I love going back in time through them.
    Thanks for sharing bits of your past.


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