Travel Theme: On Display – St. Petersburg, Russia

What a wonderful theme this week – I only wish I had known about it earlier, like eight years ago when I spent two weeks in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have recently been going through my photographs thinking about themes I could use to share what I saw at that time. This theme gives me the opportunity to focus on how things were displayed for sale. For our friends who live there, these images are everyday sites, but to us they are somewhat different but also in many ways the same as how we sell and buy our daily goods.

You have already met Anna (in the striped sweater), who is buying potatoes for our supper when staying in a dacha with her family.

Anna Buying Potatoes at Farmer’s Stand near Datcha

Kiosk in St. Petersburg, Russia

Meat Stall in Bazaar

Neon above Escalator in Subway

Pastry Selection in Cafe DoReMix

Street Refreshment in St. Petersburg, Russia

Market outside Church of the Resurrection of Christ

To learn more about this theme and see more posts click here.

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: On Display – St. Petersburg, Russia

    • Thanks. I have a lot of favorite cities but I think this is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Peter the Great hired some outstanding designers.


  1. Nice to see your views of St. Petersburg. I was there for a few days and wish it had been longer. So much to see. I was there during the summer solstice and loved that the sun didn’t set until 11:00 pm!


    • I would like to go back some day because it is such a beautiful city and I would like to see more of it. I kept myself awake all night when we first got there because I wanted to see what it was like. It never got totally dark. My daughter was there for a whole year and there were some very short days in the winter.


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