A Little More Fall Color

I just couldn’t resist the urge. Us folk in the northern half of the US & Canada, too, never seem to get tired of fall color. I have lived through many, many falls and still marvel at the wonder of this miracle. Although I think the leaves are getting smaller or maybe not as many trees because I remember kicking my way through leaves up to my knees as I walked to school.

Anyway, this morning I went for a walk with my camera to record the vibrant colors in the early sun (okay, not so early sun). I started with the trees in my neighbor’s yard – the ones I see outside my kitchen window. Almost makes me want to wash dishes.

This is the scene as I go down the hill and turn the corner.

But this morning, I decided to turn in the other direction to see what was happening there. Here are my favorites.

As I was walking back up the steep hill towards the house, I couldn’t resist the needles from the white pines by a neighbor’s gate. They drop so many and they make excellent mulch for acid-loving plants.

12 thoughts on “A Little More Fall Color

    • Thanks. You are too kind. One of our state parks is a stand of virgin pines and it is so wonderful walking through there. But very different when it is your yard.


    • Thanks for checking them out, Sherry. I figured there may be few people out there that would enjoy a few more pictures. Besides taking them filled me with enough joy to last the whole day. What more could I ask for – fun and great people to share it with.


    • It was windy here today and they were falling fast. Thanks for visiting, Francine. You feel like a long-time friend dropping by. πŸ™‚


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