Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

Here are photos that make me happy – they represent experiences that make my soul sing. And I am especially happy that I learned to use the new gallery formats that WordPress created. Thanks!

For more information about this Weekly Photo Challenge and to see more photos, click here.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

  1. Wonderful shots – the one of the birds in the nest is really great! I had some cardinals that nested right outside my window this year, so I had a great vantage point to take their picture – it’s so much fun seeing them in the nest. If you get some time this week I’d love if you’d participate in our new weekly photo challenge too! http://www.letsbewild.com/photo-challenge/


  2. I love your Fall leaves and the jars of preserves–they make me feel happy too at this time of the year. (I am still hoping to find time to try this new photo gallery.)


    • Thanks. I went out to take some more fall colors this morning. Do we ever tire of this miracle of nature? The photo gallery is easy to use one it is figured out. After I saved the pictures I uploaded, I never scrolled down far enough to see the next step. I think it will be fun to use for photos we love but with a loose theme or no real story.


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