Floral Friday – Walk in the Park

Yesterday morning I took a walk in one of our local parks. I was looking for single specimens of fall color and the park boarders a golf course, the perfect place for what I was looking for.


I liked this next one because of the strong vertical lines.

While walking around, I had one of those magic moments. I felt like I had traveled into another space even though I had only walked a few steps. I was under the canopy of a large oak so there was lots of light and openness but also the enclosed feeling of being in the woods. The yellow leaves on the ground from the neighboring trees cast a golden glow. I stopped to feel the wonder of this space.

I soon realized that I wasn’t alone. Obviously I had interfered with the important work of storing acorns for the winter. This little critter was scolding me and watching me very carefully. It is probably a good thing I don’t understand squirrel language.

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