A New Day

Yesterday morning I woke up knowing I needed to change the name of my blog. It isn’t the first time I’ve thought about it but this morning was different: this morning it was a given. I woke up early and I really would have liked to fall back to sleep but I couldn’t get this idea out of my mind. My mind was racing. I was trying to come up with names that reflected who I used to be, who I am now, and who I am becoming. I came up with several that I don’t remember now – probably because none of them were right. I even told God about it.

I got up because I knew I wasn’t going to sleep any more. The first thing I did – even before I made coffee (actually my husband usually does this but he didn’t look like he was getting up right away) – was to log onto my blog. And there was a comment from Christna, from the other side of the world, suggesting I change the name of my blog and giving me a suggestion. This stunned me because Christna doesn’t follow my blog. She had visited this post once before and left a message, and is here again. I just sat here stunned, rereading her message. And then I smiled. I know that chance happens but most of the time things that happen seem to be a part of a big plan. There is a lot of rhyme and reason to my life – most of the time.

This morning I woke up and knew the name. A New Day. Yesterday, after I read Christna’s e-mail and drank a cup of coffee (my coffee isn’t as good as Jim’s), I picked up my camera and stepped outdoors to take some fall colors in the morning light. What I saw was a new sunrise coming through the clouds, signifying a new day, new challenges, new joys. Yes, A New Day works very well for me and I think Christna will like it, too.

A New Day

I don’t miss me any more, but I’ll tell you more about that on another new day. And I’ll have to update the page about my blog. What a glorious new day. Thanks for sharing it with me.

18 thoughts on “A New Day

    • I am so happy that my happiness brought happiness to you. It seems like so much of what we hear and see on TV news is horrible that we need to spread happiness as far and wide as we can. Now I need the courage to change my URL – I really don’t want to lose everything. Thanks for your support.


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  2. Sounds good! I had so much trouble thinking of a blog name for my blog and that’s why I ended up with two abbreviations merged together. I think as long as the blog title fits who you are and serves your purpose, it is a good thing. Thank goodness it is easy to change titles! A New Day…very inspirational.


    • Thanks, Nicole. My blog address is still imissmetoo.me and I think I will change that. I can pay to have links from imissmetoo.me go to the new one. It isn’t much but I get a little concerned about making a change that will mess me up.


        • I’ll change it tomorrow and then we can see if we can get to my blog from your blog roll without you doing any changes. I think that is what WP is telling me.
          Thanks. I appreciate having you as a blog friend.


  3. I like it – where you’re going…without forgetting where you’ve been. Every new day builds on the day before, good or bad, and can always be made better. Something I’m still working on!!


  4. I like it, Pat…it seems to match where you are going instead of where you’ve been. And isn’t it wonderful how you get the message when you’re ready to hear it…never ceases to amaze me…and the photo is beautiful…good work all around…xoxmeryl


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