Travel Theme: Foliage

This was an absolutely delightful morning. I arose about 7:00 to a beautiful sky and a couple of fun comments. After making coffee I set off to the farmer’s market to get some vegetables for roasting for tonight’s supper. I went a different way and as I went around a curve there were three deer crossing the road – not an uncommon sight in this part of the state, but still exciting. Then I stopped at the end of the road and in the golf course were two sand hill cranes. And then the blueberry couple had Northern Spies for my apple pie. Can life be any better?

Well, yes. The color here in the lower half of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan is starting to be pretty nice. There aren’t many trees that have colored throughout, and those that have are still pretty pale – but oh the anticipation. The brightest color is on the maples where whole branches are showing nice color. There was enough color on the way to the farmer’s market to brighten and lighten my soul.

I added this white pine that is at the side of our yard. I love the soft texture of the needles.

I hope you will get your best foliage photos out and celebrate leaves. If you’d like to join in, create your own post and call it Travel Theme: Foliage. To find out more go to Where’s My Backpack.

12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Foliage

  1. Beautiful choice for the theme, Pat. I am originally from Michigan, and I remember autumn there with much fondness. The smell of a MacIntosh apple, woodsmoke, or a hot apple pie always takes me back there.


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