Still Life

I had been practicing  – trying to figure out how to take interesting pictures of a black cat. I was looking out the door at the zinnias and noticed this little critter. I’m always looking for subjects to practice macro on and – bless his little heart – he sat still as I clicked away (still life, get it?). I was pretty amazed at how sharp it came out because I wasn’t using a tripod. And I only took a few to get a good one. Such common creatures, but such a complex body up close.

English: Royal Monogram of Queen Marie-Antoine...

English: Royal Monogram of Queen Marie-Antoinette of France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Anyway, it seems like the best way to photograph a black cat is in silhouette. Here is Marie Antoinette. She wasn’t a “still life” but she was tolerant for a long time. And then she decided all the flashes going off was too much, just too common for royalty. She turned her back to me and walked inside. End of photo shoot. I think I heard her mutter something about oils for the next sitting and let them eat dry cat food.

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