Bay of Fundy

This day was to be a rest day but we went to explore Saint John, New Brunswick and it was still early in the afternoon when I was tired of walking. I really wanted to explore some of the Bay of Fundy coast and according to the map there was a scenic drive just north of the city. I said I would drive and we took off.

The Bay of Fundy is a fascinating place to visit because it has the highest tides in the world, at places reaching 53 feet. We visited about 30 years ago and I have very vivid memories of walking on the ocean floor at low tide, and then having the tide come in. So fast that we could see it inch up our legs. We had the tide schedules and it was going out as we drove up the coast on this perfect-weather day.

The drive was beautiful, with frequent places to stop for photos and to enjoy the views. There weren’t many people on the road or at pull-offs, so the peace and calm of this place pulled us in and we spent time sitting on benches and picnic tables breathing in the fresh sea air. I am intrigued by the fingers of land pointing out into the bay. At this point the bay is very wide, with Nova Scotia on the other side.

The high tides are created by the funnel shape of the bay and one of the best places to experience the tides in at the Fundy National Park north of where we were. That is where I wanted to go but time was running out for us and it was too long a drive.

Sometimes the road rose with sharp curves up to the crest where there would be a look out with beautiful views between the pines.

As the tide went out, it left large tidal basins – sometimes for quite a distances inland. We stood for a while and watched the water drain out of this tidal basin in little streams.

In places, boats are left high and dry until the tide comes back. Or is that low and dry?

I wanted to stay to watch the tide come in but that would mean waiting over six hours. The sun was getting low and we were getting tired so we headed back to our camper. I had bought sweet corn at the City Market and that was sounding good. What a wonderful rest day.

8 thoughts on “Bay of Fundy

  1. Wasn’t it nice that you went to the Bay of Fundy again? The spectacle at the Fundy National Park would be awesome to watch as the tide rises over the amazing rock formations. Still, great that you could re-visit.


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