Early Autumn: Garden Activity

Jake’s Sunday Post this week is Autumn – my favorite time of year.

The leaves in Michigan are just beginning to turn – last week there was color on the ends of branches and this morning this same tree had whole branches. And there are a few leaves on the ground. Nothing too grand.







But there are other signs that the transition from summer to fall is taking place, especially in the garden. The neighbor’s ornamental grass has seed heads swaying in the slightest breeze.

The snow white Little Lamb hydrangea blossoms of early summer are turning beautiful shades of fall.

And the mums are giving a splash of color, both in my garden and at the farmer’s market.

But most of the fall action is around my Autumn Joy Sedum.

Autumn Joy Sedum

The bees and butterflies are so very busy, undoubtedly urged on by the cool nights and mornings. When the sun gets hot at midday, the plants are humming with activity.


16 thoughts on “Early Autumn: Garden Activity

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    • Thanks for taking a look and commenting. It is my butterfly collection. 🙂 I walked out this afternoon and there was another beautiful one so I grabbed my camera and got a really nice image – so I added it. What fun.


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