Free Spirit – Almost Captured

I enjoyed all the posts for the weekly challenge of free spirit but I really couldn’t think of how I would interpret a “free spirit” with a photograph. And I’m too late but so excited. I almost captured a “free spirit”, and the almost makes me almost afraid to post this photo. It is an almost good photo but what would you expect when trying to capture something that is so free. But you have to read my story.

This is one of our northern Midwest humming birds. They are tiny, not big like the ones in the Rocky Mountains. They are also very, very, very fast. And they don’t like people, unlike the Rocky Mountain humming birds that all but perch on your shoulder. They appear, flit around the bush really fast, and disappear even quicker.

This morning I was bent over, by the front porch, next to this bush, peering through my viewfinder on a short tripod photographing a plant. All of a sudden I hear a loud hum. I’m standing by my Autumn Joy Sedum that has been alive with bees and I think, My God, that’s a big bee – fear in my stomach big bee. Then I see it out of the corner of my eye – going for the bush that is behind me. I unhook my camera from the tripod, stand up, turn around and put the camera up to my face. All in one quick but smooth move. I find the hummingbird, focus and snap. It is gone.

I stand there with my camera ready, facing the bush, waiting for it to return. A few seconds later I hear the REALLY LOUD hum close to my left ear and I must have instinctively jerked a little because he was gone again. And he didn’t come back.

But I almost caught his spirit. If only my shutter speed had been set faster. If only he had wanted his spirit captured. But for now he is still free.


    • Interesting feedback. One of my thoughts was too bad I didn’t switch to auto. But I wouldn’t have gotten him at all because of the length of time the camera takes to focus and the noise which would have spooked him. My focus was okay – he was just moving too much for my shudder speed and I didn’t even have time to think about changing that. So I make up a story to fit what I was unable to do. 🙂 Thanks for your support.


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