Rose of Sharon

I am so excited. The other day I spent a little time reading some more about using my camera and all of a sudden it started clicking (get it?). The past few days I haven’t been using Auto at all and am really pleased with the results I am getting. It is so much more fun being in control of what my camera is doing – no big surprise to my friends who know I like being in control.

Another thing I’m excited about. I am enjoying my world so much more now that I’m attempting to capture it on images. My morning walk is nice. I live on a funny shaped elongated circle that is 1/2 mile long and with lots of up-hills and down. But pretty typical suburban – nothing too exciting.

Today I took my camera with me and shot about 100 pics – on what is normally a 10-minute walk. I guess there is lots going on in my hood that I never noticed before – or at least not up close. Today I had lots of fun in my neighbor’s yard capturing the many moods of their Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus family) blooms. Here are my favorites. They are all from the same bush and are presented to show their unfolding to full glory.

Here are a few taken in the yards of two other neighbors.

12 thoughts on “Rose of Sharon

  1. I had beautiful Rose of Sharon bushes across the back of my yard when we first moved into this house. But 20 years later, they are gone, now. I miss them. 😦 They were beautiful, stretched from one side of the yard to the other.


  2. Hmm, seems your blog post linked mine as a related subject matter…but we have a couple more things in common. I, too, I’m learning to “control” my camera and fibro. Your title is PeRfEcT…I miss ME, too. 😦 BTW, your photos are great. We look at life a whole different way when you can change the perspective once in a while, don’t we?


    • Thank you so much for finding me. I will check out your blog. Photography and blogging have helped me find a me that I didn’t have time for previously. I talk about how I found the title in either About Me or About the Blog. I really did miss me but with time that is healing and I now feel whole – at least most of the time. I look forward to getting to know you.


      • Photography, interior decorating and writing are what get me through both fibro and the empty nest syndrome. Sort of a forced finding. 😉 I will definitely check out the reason behind the title. Look forward to getting to know you as well, Pat.


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