Farmers Market Morning


I love September and this September morning I decided to go to the farmers’ market downtown. I feel September. There is a calm that I feel – maybe I sense that the trees are doing less work as they stop photosynthesis. They look tired, but in a good way, like the tired after a good day’s work. If I had young kids they would be back in school. There is a quietness of September, a settling down.

This morning was cool, still below 70, and the sky was very blue (low humidity), and the sun was very warm. Perfect. I stopped to pick up my daughter and couldn’t resist taking some snaps of her zinnias. This is the first year she planted them and only the pinks came up. I like the pinks best!

Zinnia in Sharon’s Garden

The next one posed in front of some ornamental grass that is going to seed. Nice interest without being too busy.

On to the farmers’ market. This is the first time this year that I walked around just for the joy of seeing what is there. Before I would just pop in for blueberries or peaches from the Blueberry Farm people, Ken & Janet. Their peaches are finished but I bought some wonderful pears and apples.

Blueberry Farm – Ken & Janet

I always buy from them because they handle their fruit with such gentleness – Janet hardly touches the peaches as she picks them up. I once received a lecture when I told her she could put two fruits in the same bag. Oops.

I wonder way they call this eggplant. They don’t look anything like an egg and they aren’t layed.


Swiss Chard & Kale


As I was uploading photos for this post I realized I didn’t buy anything that I took a photo of except the apples and pears. But we are having sweetcorn and tomatoes with our supper, I am going to make some zucchini bread, and I just had a piece of toast with cone honey. Yummy. Did I say I love September?


10 thoughts on “Farmers Market Morning

  1. gorgeous photos. no greater pleasure than drinking in the beauty of natures abundance. I too was admiring the trees yesterday and thinking how particularly fetching they look in Sept. Fall is my favorite time of year. Can’t wait for the first fire in the wood stove.

    I am contemplating a field trip for myself to a local apple orchard that mom and went to every week during apple season.



    • Ahhh, the smell of a barn full of apples. When the kids were small we used to pick a couple of bushels for apple sauce and pies. I caught one of the kids, as we were driving home, taking a bite out of an apple and then throwing it out the window. Then taking another bite….. Of course I yelled at her but we understand how wonderful that first bite is and the headiness of plenty. Thanks for chatting with me.


  2. Farmer’s markets are fun, aren’t they? I’ve actually been buying most of my produce from a local farmer’s market because not only is the quality better – it’s also less expensive than the grocery store.

    Great post – as always your photos are wonderful.


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