Nova Scotia, Etc.

I like to keep things orderly and put my thoughts and photos into themes but there are just times when things don’t fit or come later or are loners. Time to get caught up with those.

Here is church architecture to add to my previous post, this one taken from close to where we went whale watching – St. Margaret Village. Now you need to know that it is difficult to know when we go through a village because it is something like going through Montana where you see a sign with a town name, population 5. The map says this is St. Margaret Village and I know it is right because this is St. Margaret of Scotland church.

I posted on colorful houses on the Gaspe Peninsula and couldn’t resist this house that was at Bay St. Lawrence which is a small fishing village.

As we are traveling we enjoy pulling our kitchen (and toilet) behind us. It allows us to stop at a road side picnic table to have a healthy lunch of yogurt, fruit, sandwich or whatever is still left in the frig. On this day we also had some trail mix that seemed to attact this party crasher. My husband, being the gentle soul that he is, encouraged him by putting out nuts and seeds.

Party Crasher

As we were going up the west side of Cape Breton Highlands, we saw our first sign of fall color.

Yesterday as we were driving along the southern edge toward Sidney, we saw much more color. I am eager to see what another week will bring here on the northern east coast.

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  1. oh, the pleasure of having your bathroom with you! I have to find one VERY frequently so I can’t be too choosy, and sometimes, well, simply put: yuch. How nice to bring your own. 🙂


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