Meat Cove – Cape Breton Highland

My story today requires that you stop and take a couple of very deep breaths as you forget about the noise and demands of everyday life. We decided to take the gravel road out to Meat Cove while we were waiting to go whale watching. We used to like to take the fire trails in the very north of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in search of ghost towns and this rekindled that sense of excitement about what was around the next bend.

Dirt Road to Adventure

Wild Raspberries

There were a few houses, but mostly peeks at the ocean and mountains and cliffs. And wild flowers along the edge. As I was taking some pictures of flowers, my husband found a few wild raspberries that the bears hadn’t eaten.

He shared and they were bursting with flavor – both of them because he only found four.This is where I found the butterfly and here is another pose.

The road ended at a field with picnic tables that overlooked the beach.

Beach at Meat Cove

Not the normal beach where you sit and watch people. Although there was a couple soaking up the warmth of the sun.

Sun Bathers

And kids doing what kids do when they don’t have electronic games and toys.

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