Color on Gaspe

One of outstanding cultural features of Quebec‘s Gaspe area is their love of color on their homes. Tin roofs are popular and it seems that they come in all colors. Here is a sampling.

There were multiple shades of blue and green and every time we came down a hill and around a bend going into a village these roofs greeted us like a warm smile.

I wasn’t able to capture the full range of color on houses because we were traveling with our trailer in tow. Our typical

In Search of Dr. Seuss

In Search of Dr. Seuss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

conversation in the car was “Oh look at the pretty house.” “Where?” “Back there.” There were pink houses, purple houses, orange houses, navy houses, charcoal houses. I could write a Dr. Seuss book about them.

There are many different shades of green – and sometimes it is a lot of green.





There are red houses,

mustard gold houses, (these frequently had red trim – but that picture was “back there”)

The following was probably used as an overnight cabin at one time because it was in a campground we stayed at. It is a popular house color – especially with bright trim. The building in the background will give you an idea of the feast for the eyes while driving down the road.

This house, however, wins the “I’m not afraid to use color” award!

 Wild flowers are everywhere in abundance. These will come next. 🙂

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