Date Night on Cape Breton

Chowder House

All you people in New York and London and Paris and Rome and everywhere else, eat your heart out. We just went on our weekly “date night” at the Chowder House Seafood place in Neil’s Cove on Cape Breton Island in Canada. The seafood chowder, fish and chips, and lobster roll were great. And their “forest fruits pie” we took with us and ate with a cup of coffee in our camper was a real “Mmmmm this is good” experience.

And besides all that, getting here was a feast for our eyes and fine sustenance for our souls. We were told that the best way to get to Neil’s Cove was by taking the Coastal Loop and we found ourselves on a narrow, twisting, bumpy road…

that followed the coast with beautiful views. And after a day of low clouds and frequent showers, the sun was shining.

After multiple stops along the way for photos, we made a stop so I could try to capture a few more “post card” scenes in the fading light. We didn’t realize that our destination was the last building on the left – barely visible.

We knew we were there when we saw all the cars – it is where all the local lobster fishermen and their families go for supper on Sunday night. People knew each other so there was lots of laughter. Before I went in I had to take a picture of the cute “bird house.”

I am going to bed a happy woman, looking forward to another exciting day with new views and fun adventures.

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10 thoughts on “Date Night on Cape Breton

  1. The picture of the harbour was taken from our ‘front yard’ at our cottage! We are huge fans of the Chowder House 🙂


    • Wow, what a wonderful surprise. We had so much fun in the area and talk about the Chowder House frequently. How much time do you get to spend at your cottage?


  2. Always love those splash of water that’s higher than the rocks. Although that house attracting bird is more interesting. 😀


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