Cape Breton Highlands – Cabot Trail

East Shore Cabot Trail

We made it to North Sidney yesterday (Saturday) thinking we would be able to book our passage on the ferry to Newfoundland on Sunday. Well one of the ships is down and they are backed up so we couldn’t book until next Thursday for the overnight sailing. It took us all of 30 seconds to decide that we would adjust our plans because we came to see Newfoundland and everything before and after is icing on the proverbial cake. But we then had to decide what to do to “kill” (my husband’s word) five days. We decided to go south and see the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia but couldn’t find our way out of Sidney – at least not going in the right direction. They have way too many highways coming together and not enough signs and we couldn’t even tell which direction we were going in because it was cloudy. High tension time!

Well we decided to go where the road took us and ended up going north to the Cabot Trail that circles the Cape Breton Highlands – what a good choice. We had originally decided not to do this part of Nova Scotia because we had driven around Cape Breton 30 years ago. Now that we are here we keep saying that we don’t remember this. 🙂

We did get to take a ferry after all, on a 5-minute trip to Cape Breton Island. It is amazing that they run this ferry when all they would need to do is build a short bridge. But the wait is at most 10 minutes.


We are on the eastern shore, really close to the northern tip and will spend today resting and tomorrow we will explore and hopefully go looking for whales – if it stops raining.

This isn’t what I have in mind but this is a skull of a whale. The owner of the campground had a dead whale wash ashore on his beach (had been hit by a ship). Cool – huh.

On the ride up the coast I was bemoaning that the skys were very overcast, gray, and rainy sky and I wasn’t going to be able to take any photos when we happened upon a scenic stop. these (and the lead shot) are the best of my pics.

Come back for more on our adventure in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. If you want to see the Cabot Trail in sunshine, check out the links below.

5 thoughts on “Cape Breton Highlands – Cabot Trail

  1. I went to Nova Scotia on a short holiday about 15 years ago, and never got to Cape Breton, but should have tried–I am so glad to be able to see some of this area through your eyes.


    • We have been here twice before and there is always some part we miss. And there are parts that we have redone that are new again. Maybe that is basically what life is like. 🙂


  2. So good to read about your wonderful time in the Maritimes. I visited the Cabot Trail last year on a road trip. It was just beautiful. We walked on the trail and as well, visted a museum of masks.


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