Church Architecture of Gaspe Peninsula

We just spent three days driving around the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. The scenery was fabulous however we had lots of grey skies, fog, rain and more fog. Not good scenery photography conditions although I did get a few that I will share. I was not to be deterred, however. I focused on wildflowers that were everywhere and church architecture. Wild flowers will come later.

We saw these steeples glistening in the morning sun and had to find them. Oh the joys of taking state/provincial highways. What you see is what I took – even though the planes seem surreal. This wasn’t several photos combined.

This next one was also discovered that day as we explored the many small towns along the way. We could always find the church because it was the tallest building. I was attracted to the brick work on this one – although it isn’t the only element that makes it visually appealing.

The churches above were along the St. Lawrence River. On Thursday we traveled along the southern shore of the peninsula and while traveling through a small town I noticed the copper doors on this church. Yes they are copper because a side door wasn’t polished. Can you image how much the copper polish line item is in their maintenance budget?

This was in Grande Rivier. Because we pull our kitchen behind us, we were able to eat a healthy, delightful lunch in their parking lot. Kind of like eating in the crept of St. Martin’s in the Field on Trafalgar Square, London – well almost.

I was also intrigued with the amount of color that is used on the outside of homes and businesses. I’ll be posting photos on this theme but the following church was selected because of its more modern architecture but also because of the colors used.

8 thoughts on “Church Architecture of Gaspe Peninsula

  1. I love to photograph church architecture and yours are beautiful. I like how you focus on different parts of the building. Thanks for sharing.



    • You are very welcome. Today we were in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and we kept saying how beautiful the Gaspe Peninsula is. We really enjoyed everything about it – except the weather. But when we are near big bodies of water we have to expect moisture. In fact it is raining right now!


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