A Tryst with Nature

Aran Island

This was taken on Aran Island off the cost of Republic of Ireland. I was traveling with a group of students studying the culture of the Republic of Ireland and had the opportunity to take this side trip. As a result of doing several of these culture trips, when I travel I am always thinking about how the environment shapes the culture and how people adapt to the environment. After all, we are as much nature as mice and moose, bear and bugs. It is only our ability for abstract thinking that allows us to set ourselves apart – but we are a part.


These walls are absolutely amazing. There are hundreds (thousands?) of miles of them. There are parts of the island that were covered in a shale-type rock and to grow crops, the settlers had to first stack all the rocks into hedgerows and then cart seaweed from the ocean to make soil. What work. What would make people choose (?) to do this; obviously some sort of persecution. Every rock in these walls had to be picked up and moved to make space for animals (food) to graze. And to think I don’t like cleaning up the dust nature leaves on surfaces in my house!


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    • My name is Pat Bailey and I am a retired university professor and I also was a mental health therapist. I live in the United States – in a small town in Michigan. I enjoy travel, photography, quilting, reading and writing (although not for publication). I am currently traveling around the Maritime Provinces of Canada and will be in Newfoundland for the next week or so. I’m not sure I will always have internet connection. When I do I will be posting pictures. 🙂


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