Travel Theme: Signs


Ailsa posted a new travel theme, signs, on her blog Where’s My Backpack? I will be collecting signs as I am traveling to Newfoundland, but remembered this one from my trip to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2004.


I believe the translation is: The world changes. Big Mac stays the same. This was just a few years after Perestroika.

They hadn’t taken over St. Petersburg, Russia at that time. For our Russian bloggers, how popular is McDonalds in Russia now?



  1. Can’t wait! St Petersburg next June! But I’ve been advised to use a tour so we won’t be wandering around (darn darn). I’d rather so I can stumble upon signs like this. 🙂


  2. What fun! I remember traveling to Spain over 10 years ago and was shocked when McDonalds had beer. I wonder what type of specialties they’d have in Russia!


    • Thank you for the warm welcome. My husband’s father immigrated to the US from Canada (Owen Sound) so you have a very special place in our hearts. We have been to Nova Scotia a couple of time a long time ago but have wanted to get to Newfoundland. I am really geeked about this.


    • Thanks – but I haven’t been able to stop to take pictures. We are now on a two-lane going around the Gaspie Peninsula tomorrow and with the idea that we can now slow down and explore. We have a camper, even though small, that makes it difficult stop quickly for wonderful shot of wild flowers along the highway. 🙂


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