Biskek: The People


I spent a lot of time walking around Bishkek, which has lots of green space and parks. The Kyrgyz love the Russians because they provided the infrastructure to make life much more enjoyable. This is an arid country with lots of water so irrigation ditches were built throughout the central part of the city that allows water to flow on schedule to irrigate the trees that the citizens value highly. The walk from my daughter’s apartment to the American University of Central Asia was along one of these tree-lined streets.

Where we saw trees, they had been painted with a white stripe. We don’t know why and would love to know if anyone has an explanation.

The population of Bishkek is relatively young so you see a lot of young people in the parks in the evening. There is also a small amusement park that is very popular.

It used to be that young people could not take a potential mate home to meet the family until they were engaged. Consequently courting needed to take place in the parks. I understand that the social rule for taking lovers home is changing but obviously the park is still a place for passion.

And a place to hang out and be seen.

The roses were blooming when I was there and they (the roses) demanded that I take their picture. I didn’t want to offend.



My last post of Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek will be on family life.



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