Garden Flowers of Summer

I have been busy taking pictures of the flowers in my garden and am eager to post some of them. Right now Blackeyed Susans continue to steal the show from the Moon Flowers, at least during the day. I am having a lot of fun experimenting with different angles and lighting, along with using features of the camera that I’m familiar with.

What sweethearts. They are so easy to grow and the Japanese Beetles and deer don’t bother them.

Another night flower that I didn’t show with the moon flowers is the Evening Primrose. They have a spreading habit that forms a ground cover but they aren’t invasive. What I like most about them is their clear lemon yellow color.

My New Dawn rose spent itself with its first flush of blooms and the past few weeks it has been salad for the the bugs. Now it is producing a few blooms again. I photographed these in the early light this morning.

This was a pretty yellow blog, so here is a little intense color on an annual – can’t think of the name. And I’m too tired to look it up.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share some of my garden with you. I hope it brought you some cheer.

Copyright © Patricia A. Bailey and I Miss Me, Too/ 2012-2013.

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14 thoughts on “Garden Flowers of Summer

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  2. Looks as though you are doing a lovely job tending your garden and learning the hang of your new camera. The flowers and pictures are lovely. The evening primroses look like little delicate sheets of butter in flower form. 😀


    • Thanks, although I am spending more time blogging now than tending my garden. When it was so hot I couldn’t get out there but the weeds kept on growing. I don’t know about where you live but around here the only thing on the ground that was green were the weeds. Amazing.


  3. What wonderful photos. You must be having a lot of fun with your new camera! My small patch of black-eyed susans fell victim to a stone-fill on the side of my house. I miss them and I’ll have to find a spot to replace them for next year. Such a hardy, pretty flower!


    • You are very welcome – I’m glad you enjoyed them because I got a lot of pleasure from posting them. I had a hard time getting to bed last night because I was having so much fun with this post.


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