Anna Growing Up

Meet Anna. I met Anna when I went with her family to a datcha outside of St. Petersburg, Russia but she could be from anywhere. She is just pubescent, but has dreams of growing up.

Anna’s mother is a friend of my daughters and when Olga invited us to visit, my daughter collected some prom and bridesmaid dresses from friends to take to Anna. Anna is very obviously feeling grown up as she models her new dresses on her own private runway. Growth can seem slow and painful at times but, if nurtured, there is an inherent drive that pushes us forward. Anna is being nurtured in her growth journey.


11 thoughts on “Anna Growing Up

  1. I’m learning so much from you! I’ve had a life-long desire to visit Russia, and next June we will be in St Petersburg for two days. Not quite the extensive visit I dream of, but its a start!!! I read the entire wiki article you linked to … all new information for me. Thank you!


    • Thank you so much. And how exciting that you are fulfilling a dream.St. Petersburg is a beautiful city with so much to see. We were fortunate that Olga was, at that time the English-speaking tour guide at the Peter & Paul Fortress. Every night she would decide what we should see the next day and call a friend who would help us get the most out of our touring. My daughter had lived there for a year so after we saw the official sights, we would wander around the city. I have some wonderful stories that I’m thinking about posting. Once again, thanks for your kind words – and happy travels.


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