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Laughing Orchids

  Have you noticed that people find comments or jokes funny depending on their perspective? If we are the butt of the joke, it can be hard to laugh. I keep people close who have a kind and gentle sense of humor – those able to find humor in the things that we do that don’t make sense. I love […]

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Thanks for the Words

Thanks for the Words A smudge was reveled in front of two indentations when I moved my reading chair to the opposite corner of my room. My husband was the first to notice Saying he had carpet cleaner that would erase it. I didn’t respond – but knew this smudge couldn’t be erased, one of countless smudges, where feet have rested over centuries. Where I humbled myself as reader, writer, thinker… learner longing for words to express novel ideas, ancient yearnings. What flourished here disturbed previous certainties and riled emotions; upon this smudge I vacillated between elation and exhaustion. Your hard work nurtured my thinking, inspired and healed me. Your words powered my words. You are a part of me, I took your words in, chewed them up, integrated those that enlarged my brain weave of previous learning and values; and swallowed the rest for later expulsion with other unneeded wastes. I marveled at your effective use of words, well-crafted sentences, plots and arguments that were well constructed. I absorbed new ways of thinking and experimented with your skills. And sometimes I laughed out loud as I read you. Every time I placed my feet on the smudge on the carpet and lowered myself into my reading chair, I entered an exceptional place, occupied by your words. The outcome can’t be erased. Thank you. Patricia Bailey, 2020   I started re-reading Ted Kooser’s “The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice […]

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Perspective from my Swing

My summertime ritual is to have my first or second cup of coffee on my front porch, sitting on my purple porch swing, surveying my front garden. This seems to ground me, helping to draw my perspective closer to things I have control over, or delude myself into believing I have control. Lately my gaze seems to becoming even narrower […]

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