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A Good Match: Cuban Friends


I never met these women – didn’t even get closer than across the street, looking down from my hotel window. But I know they are a good match – close friends. Look how they are talking, how relaxed they are. And the biggest clue that they are a good match, is that they are humble enough to give and receive […]

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Saying Good-bye


We just returned from taking son and daughter-in-law, Mike & Natalia, to the airport after a 9-day visit. On the way home we talked about what a good time we had and what a wonderful man Michael is, and how lucky we are to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law. I didn’t want them to leave – but we have friends […]

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Cuban Turquoise


The Cubans’ love for color is very evident in Trinidad. Elisa’s travel theme photo prompt this week is turquoise, giving me a wonderful opportunity to share some of my photos of street scenes and architecture of this fun city.   You can read about how we found the wonderful travel company we used and the design of this custom tour […]

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