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Sharing Beauty and Sunshine


The first photographs I took when I bought my DSLR camera were of flowers and I am still doing it. It challenges me, relaxes and quiets me, and brings me joy as I look at the photos I post and print and hang on my walls. I have a whole lot of flower photos in my files, but I have […]

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Cuba: Doors of Matanza


The Cubans have a wonderful cultural heritage in their architecture. I took many photos of doors and windows and rooftops and cornices and walls. So many of the doors in Cuba were open and I wondered about the stories of those who entered and exited them. My inspiration for this post was the blog Norman 2.0 and Norm’s Thursday Doors. […]

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Beauty thru my Lens: Orchids


My last visit to the Naples Botanical Garden was one of the best. After four hours I was dragging (even my usual ginger limeade and scone didn’t help) but couldn’t resist a duck into the orchid garden. When they have over 1,000 orchids it is hard not to score a few good images. Here is a little color to brighten […]

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Cuba: A Quiet Place in Havana


We were touring Havana and our guide took us to the Plaza de San Francisco, a plaza close to Havana Harbor and rich in history dating back to 1575 when the land was first drained. This has always been an important square, servicing merchant ships with markets and where goods entered, including slaves. We had toured the opera house, waited […]

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