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The Grateful Tree


I put the decorations on our Christmas tree today. I almost didn’t put the tree up – or more accurately almost took it down before I had all the lights on. Getting the lights on last year was a nightmare, but this year it was only a bad dream. I persevered for a week and think I should write down […]

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Cuban Architecture:Windows of Matanzas


We saw some of the most beautiful architecture in Cube, but the poverty in the country makes it very hard to repair and maintain buildings. But I could tell there were days of glory somewhere in the country’s past. The old buildings had windows that opened to floor, as you see on this balcony. The shutters open and there is […]

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Travel Theme: Forest


Ailsa’s travel theme this week is “forests.” I could have traveled through my photo files to find some forests in the Blue Ridge Mountains that were all ablaze with colors, or my photos of the rain forests of Oregon and Washington, or the Redwood forests of Northern California. Or maybe a forest or two from northern Michigan. Instead I didn’t […]

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