Good-bye to the Sea

20150417-beach goodbye 037We went to the gulf beach last night to watch the sunset because we are leaving tomorrow for Michigan. I went to say good-bye until next fall. It wasn’t much of a sunset because of clouds on the horizon, but it was a perfect evening.

We are leaving a week earlier than I had planned because of the unusually warm spring. That is an understatement because the temperature has been in the high 80’s (Fahrenheit) with high humidity every day for the past month or so. I find these high temperatures as difficult as the winter cold up north, and I get tired of living under air. But the heat made for a perfect evening on the beach.20150417-beach goodbye 038

As we walked towards the beach I could feel the calm. There were less people as most of the tourists have left along with a lot of the seasonal renters – and everyone was moving to a slower, quieter beat. I could feel myself walking into the calm, every nerve in my body relaxing. The water was sheeting the shore, inviting me to walk in it’s shallows.

20150417-beach goodbye 024At 8:00 the temp was still 81, and the water temperature was 83. It is such a strange experience to feel warm water coming to shore from such depths. I spent a lifetime in the Great Lakes, and that water is always cold, unless it is colder. I don’t expect an ocean to be warm.

20150417-beach goodbye 027I didn’t want to focus on the intensity of a setting sun, and I didn’t want the distraction of being with people on the pier. This evening the gentle surface of the water is what fed my soul. It is moments like these that I am filled with awe and wonder of the world. It is moments like this that confirm my belief in a God who knows how to create great mysteries, mysteries I experience beyond my understanding in these calming walks at water’s edge in the still of a warm evening.

Now I am ready to move on to the great mysteries of the Great Lakes.

Center it Up & Gulp it Down


I was fascinated as I watched this Cormorant come up from a dive with this fish. He worked hard trying to turn the fish in its beak while the fish was trying to escape.


He had to center it up before it could slide down.



My computer has been acting up with internet, so I was reduced to thinning out photos in Lightroom to make space for more. These were taken at the Venice Rookery here in Florida. We will be leaving on Sunday for our home in Michigan, so I have been wanting to post some of my favorite Florida photos. How fortunate that Ailsa posted Centre as her travel theme this week. I’m feeling a little off-centre as I’m packing, saying good-bye to a place that I love, and traveling to someplace else that I love.

Tiny Orchids

20150324-Botanical garden 009-2

I am drawn to little orchids and although these are not the smallest I’ve seen in the Naples Botanical Garden Orchid Garden, they are really small. They grow on stems like this. Kind of like an orchid nosegay.

20150324-Botanical garden 009 (2)They seem especially magical in the middle of the night when I can’t get to sleep because my body is acting up.

I am starting the mental transition that goes with migrating north for the summer. I wasn’t feeling ready but I think it is the increasing heat and humidity of southern Florida that is increasing my fibromyalgia pain, resulting in poor sleep and more pain and fatigue. Tonight I turned on the air to see if it will help, even though we had a refreshing rain and it didn’t feel hot and humid. I’m beginning to feel the sadness of leaving all that I find so fascinating and beautiful about my winter’s dot on the map.

Tomorrow is one of two possible 8:00 openings for members that I can use at the garden before we leave for Michigan. If I feel sleep coming soon, I will be able to make it Рat least for a couple of hours. As I am thinking of the last photo outings here, I am also beginning to anticipate my weekly photo outings with Julie in Michigan. Life is funny that way.