Which Way: Aransas National Wildlife Refuge


20150213-texas 089While visiting our daughter in Texas, we drove to the Gulf of Mexico coast. A part of this day trip was a drive in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and a walk down this path.

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Have the Garden Catalogs Arrived?

Back when I had sufficient energy, I loved creating my flower gardens. When the flower catalogs arrived I would pour over them, looking for flowers that I thought would thrive in my garden’s unique conditions. I would try to remember what was planted where and what type of color I needed for early, middle and late summer. It was my elexer for the mid-winter blues.

Strawflower buds?

Strawflower buds?

Sometimes I miss this creative aspect of gardening, especially when I see something isn’t working and want to move established, hard-to-get-out -of-the-ground plants. I also recognize my loss when I bring home plants from the garden center and they have to sit for a couple of days before I have the energy to plant them. My focus has changed from creating gardens to enjoying gardens and this doesn’t feel like much of a loss – when I think about it.

A winter-blooming blanket flower in Florida.

A winter-blooming blanket flower in Florida.

But I do remember the sweet joy of working the clay soil until it is light and fertile. I remember the joy of grabbing a shovel and digging up that day lily that would look better three feet over, next to the clematis.

I don’t want you to feel bad for me, all you gardeners, because I have a lifetime of garden memories to bring a smile to my face and I don’t have the sweat and achy muscles. You continue to grow the gardens, and I’ll be content to photograph the beauty you create.

In the meantime, I have told the teen across the street that I’ll need to hire his brawn in the spring to get some compost worked into the clay in a few spots. Life is good.